Toshiro Bleach Mug

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Quick Overview

This mug has the design of the character Toshiro from the anime series Bleach.

Out of stock

This mug has the design of the character Toshiro from the anime series Bleach.

Postage & Packaging

We package our mugs in the boxes shown in the photos; they and then placed in bubble wrap and wrapped with brown postal paper, this is to ensure they arrive safely and in perfect condition. The boxes you can see in the photos have some scratches and slight defects, the price of the items reflect these defects.

Shipping Time

We post worldwide and can guarantee the items to arrive within two weeks for most countries (7-14 working days); in most cases the items will arrive a lot sooner, if you would like an estimated shipping time for your item, please message us with the postal service & destination country you require and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Disclaimers/Safety Information

These cups are safe for children of nearly all ages; however due to their fragile material, we would suggest only giving them to children age 6+ as a precaution (Hard Fragile Material).

Mugs were washed prior to packaging; however for your own safety, we recommend you wash all mugs at least once before using to ensure any packaging or dust is removed.

These mugs are NOT dishwasher safe; do NOT wash them with any abrasive materials or strong detergents, they must be hand washed with a plain cloth to ensure the images are not damaged in the process.

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